Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training-200 Hour Yoga Alliance

yoga1Cost: $3,000 Pre-paid Discounts ….Payment plans available-We will work with your budgetary needs

20 Week Course: Saturdays 9am-2pm- Some Sundays –STARTING DATE: Can begin anytime during the session

Practioners can take single classes throughout the year as long as mandatory hours within each subject are completed..

Location: Mind Body Studio Gold’s Gym North Las Vegas 6564 Losee Road, North Las Vegas, NV (702) 657-0171

Location 2: The Iyengar Studio 6342 W. Sahara Las Vegas, NV  89146

Location 3: Solutions Yoga Studio 2975 S. Rainbow, Las Vegas NV

RYS 200

Category of Topics covered:

Techniques, Yoga Flow Methodology, Anatomy/Physiology, Philosophy/Lifestyle/Ehtics,Practicum

Workshop Highlights:

  • Complete three sacred readings
  • Many different Flow Series (beginner to intermediate) with different energetic intentions to serve as a template for developing your own sequences for individual private practice
  • Deepening connection to the flow of living yoga with harmonious sadhana of prana flow, meditation, ayurveda and shakti bhakti : the continuous guidance of the flow of shakti
  • Cultivating evolution and self-care through ayurveda and community support
  • Development of one’s personal practice as the creative source of living yoga
  • Demonstrate your own growth in your practice after the course
  • Final Written Testimony of Your Experience with the Workshop

Call Kieta at 702-296-6868 to register and make payment arrangements.

Download Registration Form and Email to LoveIsYoga@gmail.com.

Start Private Yoga Therapy

Sessions: $100 Hour 4 Sessions: $370 8 Sessions: $725

Stop Suffering. Learn how to change your pain into progress towards a healthy, purpose driven life. If you are an Alcoholic, Addict, In Pain, Depressed, Worried, have High Bolld Pressure, Shingles, Arthritis, Back Injury, Spasms, Unable to Focus, you can benefit from Yoga Therapy. Every day we spend millions of dollars on medicines, nutrition, viatmins and seem to forget that the we may need a little guidance in the practice of our own Yogic journey. Stop the misery and start living.

Hatha yoga proposes “that yoga is both a preventative and curative system of the body, mind, and spirit. By broadening yoga’s perceived applications, medical patients could receive the benefits of a noninvasive method to treat their illnesses and disorders.”

Above and beyond the reduction of stress, we seek “Ananda” divine bliss and “Kavailya” emancipation from earthly attachments.. The Love Is Yoga school of thought uses the combination of influences from Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Ashtanga and Anusara to attain this enlightenment.. You will be taught how to practically incorporate these influences of yoga into your life. Suffeing from financial stress, physical injury or just want to change your life, allow this practice to guide you.

This yoga studio is dedicated to Bhakti and Shakti yoga, using asana’s to unite body and mind.. Shakti is cosmic existence as well as liberation, its most significant form being the Kundalini-shakti, a mysterious physiopsychospiritual force. It’s definition “to be able,” meaning sacred force or empowerment, is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that move through the entire universe.

Bhakti denotes the spiritual practice of fostering loving devotion to the Divine. Bhakti is described as a perfectional stage in itself which surpasses even moksha as a level of spiritual realization

Meet Our Practioners (200 E-RYT)




Kieta founded Love Is Yoga School and Studio in 2007. Teaching in the sports and fitness industry for over 20 years, she has held an AFAA Personal Training Certification, and Aerobics Certification and now is working on her Associates Degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant.  Her practice is refined with her 500 Hour study with Shiva Rea-Samudra School- Exhale, Venice, Ca.

She has taught many years in LA, Powerhouse Gym, Marina Athletic Club and is a professional international model. She has been featured in music videos, TV, film, and commercials. A current veteran instructor at Gold’s Gym, Las Vegas, the Mind Body Studio is a perfect setting to create her healing practice and rehabilitation. An E-RYT 200 (experienced yoga teacher Yoga Alliance credited) she advocates Yoga Therapy becoming a recognized viable resource in rehabilitation practices used in medical institutions around the world. She has studied at the ClearWaters School of Yoga, and has practiced with Didier Razon

Dena Clearwaters

Dena integrates 28 years of yoga experience along with several years of Pilate’s studies into here practice. She holds degrees in psychology, one in art and one in childhood education. She served our country as a sergeant in the US Marine corps.

Aileen Epstein-Ignadiou- B.K. S. Iyengar Center of Las Vegas

Aileen, a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher since 1983, has traveled to India on numerous occasions to study directly with the Iyengar family. During the course we will visit her studio and immerse in the Iyengar philosophy.

Laurel Chabot

Laurel Chabot

Laurel Chabot

Laurel was initially exposed to yoga in dance classes starting at an early age:  lotus at age 2, tree at age 3 and warrior at age 5.  A professional dancer throughout her life, she saw the value in the perfect physical alignment that yoga poses offered and utilized them in dance warm-ups for herself and students that she taught.  The love of yoga grew from there as she became aware of the more subtle aspects yoga had on her mind and spirit as well. Her style of teaching is influenced by dance and the physical and energetic world of nature. 

 Laurel holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada-Reno in dance performance and teaching as well as higher studies in exercise physiology and biology.  Love Is Yoga School features Laurel as its key educator in these fields.  Additionally, Laurel has certifications in Yogafit, Pilates Reformer and Mat, Balletone and is working on her 200 Hr Yoga Alliance certification..  Her career as a dancer took her to many locales where she was able to study yoga under many different teachers of various lineages—Anusara, Sivananda, Iyengar and more.  “Yoga is the joyful expression of my gratitude for the life I live, the centering magnet upon which I am drawn.  Yoga is the stabilizer-the teacher.  Yoga is there in my time of need and my time of peace.”

Love Is Yoga Teachers (RT)

Angie Markle



Born and raised in lovely Las Vegas, Angie was introduced to yoga in 1995. Always a “pretzel,” she fell in love with the practice quickly and started adding more and more training to her weekly schedule. While beginning her busy life as a wife and mother, she practiced yoga on and off for the next 14 years. She enjoyed being a student and embraced the beauty of soaking in each class. She was content. But in 2009 something changed; a new light had been turned on and it was time for her to share all of the bliss and knowledge from the various teachings and instructors she had been drawing from with all these years – her new journey as an instructor had begun.
Angie attended training at LOVE IS YOGA in the Fall of 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada and received her 200 hour training certificate. While continuing to draw in the essence of yoga and share her knowledge, she promises to never stop being the consummate student and trying to be the perfect pretzel.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Dudley
Sports and recreation have always been a big part of Dr. Dudley’s life.  He played high school football, basketball, and eventually became the college national champ for bareback riding.  Needless to say, Dr. Dudley’s body has taken its fair share of abuse.  In fact, Dr. Dudley had his first experience with chiropractic when he was a high school athlete.  A local chiropractor volunteered to help the athletes on the football team, and Dr. Dudley soon discovered that chiropractic adjustments were not only helping his knees, but that his chronic headaches were gone after being adjusted a few times.  He continued to get adjusted and learn about alternative healing, and began pursuing his career at the University of Lethbridge and then at ParkerChiropracticCollege in Dallas, Texas.  Dr. Dudley graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1998.
Dr. Dudley started Dudley Chiropractic in August of 1998.  Since being in practice, Dr. Dudley has constantly evaluated and educated himself so that he is up to date with the latest in technology, practice development, and adjusting techniques.  He is  a member of the D.C. Mentors group, and assists in training other chiropractors.  He also has advanced certification in Activator Technique, and is always looking for ways to change people’s lives and their health in a positive way.

Dr. Milne

As a pioneer in Integrative Medicine, Dr. Robert Milne recognized the potential of providing his patients optimal medical care by using complementary methods that proved an understanding of one’s medical condition and therapies that produce results.  He has successfully treated over 20,000 patients throughout the United States and world-wide.

Dr. Milne’s interest in complimentary medicine began when his young daughter became very ill and was unable to be helped with prescription drug medicines. After many months of his daughter’s illness, Dr. Milne, in desperation, was introduced to Homeopathy. His interest was spanned, and his passion to find alternative cures began.  With his daughter’s health restored, a new career path was launched.

Dr. Milne received his undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California.  After three years in the Peace Corps in Paraguay, he attended the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine where he received his medical degree.  He spent three years of residency at the University of Texas-Southwestern, John Peter Smith Hospital, where he was chief resident and in addition was awarded Board Certification in Family Practice.

http://www.milnemedcenter.com/images/filler.gifDr. Milne has published several books and has also traveled extensively to Europe in his continued search for methods to help his patients.  He holds two patents on medical devices, the Elast Allergy Testing Device and Micro-Vibration™ Therapy (MVT) for the treatment of pain. He is also a frequent lecturer on Integrative Medicine.

http://www.milnemedcenter.com/images/filler.gifDr. Milne is pleased to announce the association of Stephanie Warner MD, Ph.D. to Milne Medical Center and his practice of Integrative Medicine.  Dr. Warner received her BA degree from McGill University in 1982.  She received her Ph.D. in Epidemiology from the University of Michigan in 1986 and entered the MD Ph.D. Program at the University of Miami graduating in 1989.  Dr. Warner began her residency in 1990 in Internal Medicine at Sinai Hospital, Detroit, Michigan and began a private practice in Internal Medicine in Michigan and North Carolina in 1994.

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