To Carb or Not To Carb?

Eating is a personal journey.  Each person, each body, has its own rythm and we need to honor it.  But what happens is that we follow all the new eating trends and new fads which may or may not be exactly what our bodies need.   We need to change, change our thoughts, change our frequency of negative thoughts about our bodies.  We have to begin to honor our bodies.  We have to begin loving our bodies.  So you say “how do I do that, when I am 40 pounds overweight, and I bulging everywhere?”

Well, you start by changing how you talk to yourself. Start by using kind, loving, positive, words to describe yourself, even if you don’t mean it.  Start by switching the words you use.  Right them down, “I love my body exactly the way it is. Divine., I love all my curves.  I am lean and beautiful.  I am healthy and strong.  I take care of myself.

All this type of positive communication with yourself will start the magnetic chain of restructuring your mind and body.  It is only when we alter this mind chatter, that we our eating lifestyle that we choose, has a better chance of actually assisting us with becoming what we are verbalizing into the universe. See, we are all creators.  We create with our word.  So you can create your body too.  Now, if watching carbohydrates helps you in achieving this, then you will naturally gravitate to this type of eating.

For me, I love to enjoy food and I love to enjoy eating.  I do eat carbohydrates, but I am aware of how many I am eating and what kind I am eating.  I love chocolate.  I eat it.  I eat meat.  But I haven’t had any for a while.  My body just hasn’t felt great when I eat it.  I have been eating quite a bit of fish.  My body loves it.  I believe in enjoying life. My body responds to me not depriving it of what I want to eat, but I will choose desserts (which of course are my favorite) that are wholesome, made with less processed products.  I tend to choose the vegan, gluten-free or raw vegan desserts.  They are really my favorites, but they are pricey.


Kieta’s Yoga on Eating

I used to drink alot of milk.  I love milk.  But I noticed my body didn’t always feel great when I drank it.  I tried Soy Milk.  It seemed to make me feel a little better.  It’s also higher in Iron, which I need.  Plain Soy Milk quite didn’t cut the cake, so of course I have opted for the Chocolate Soy, which I absolutely love.  I still drink milk, but only once in a while.  Your body will talk to you.  It’s our job to listen.  Your diet, reflects your health.  Change your eating habits, and it will change your health.  For me, it starts with my word.  I have to speak what it is I am creating.  I am creating my body.  Imagine. Feel.  Recieve.

My Journey-Love Is Yoga

Everyday comes a challenge and I think “just breath”. Kieta has been such a bright light in my journey.  She has guided me but never judged me.  She has given me tools and helped me find “my” way. She modeled a teacher who is wise, full of love and wisdom.  I can only be  grateful. Dora Lai

Kassia Rose 2011 Yoga Journey

“After completeing the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program with Kieta at the Love Is Yoga school, I have a deeper understanding of the philosophy of yoga and have developed my own personal practice and an ability to invite others into it. With the direction of Kieta, with my mind calmed and released of external and internal cues I have come closer to the realization of the eight-limb practice of Pantajali.

As the saying goes you can give someone a fish to feed them once or you can teach them how to fish. ”

Read the entire Kassia Rose 2011 Yoga Journey

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Spirit Within You, North Las Vegas

A great little gem within a North Las Vegas shopping center.  If you need essential oils, looking for some great jewelry, or want to explore your spiritual self, Spirit Within U, offers lots of classes and workshops.  Their latest addition, is a Yoga class on Monday nights.  The Yoga will be restorative, with infulences of Kundalini and pranayama.  Check out for the latest in Las Vegas Yoga classes and Teacher Training.

Wow, More Yoga Comes to Las Vegas

Mind Body Studio Las Vegas just added some more classes.  The more I take classes around the valley, the more I love this studio.  It truly is the best space to practice that I found in Vegas.  It has beautiful sun, windows, great sound system, beautiful new floor, great colors, and great energy.  This room is soley dedicated to Yoga and Pilates.  It’s a diamond in a Gym Setting.  Remember that you don’t have to be a member to take a class.  You can just pay for classes.  See you there.

Las Vegas Yoga Grows-

Expanding is the ever spiritual market and climate in Las Vegas.  Being so close to LA, it is ripe for spiritual health, nutritional knowledge, and a general health overhaul.  Springing up daily, are Yoga Centers, Studios, and Spas that promote wellness.  It is the Spa Mecca of the world so it makes sense that it breeds the Yogic culture.  Although it’s known as Sin City, Las Vegas turns a little Sin into alot of Spirit.  Enhance your practice and join Love Is Yoga Teacher Training.  Take your Love of Yoga and turn it into a living.



Yoga in Las Vegas

Yoga in Las Vegas has exploded in the last year.  For years, you could only find sparse classes at gyms and there was only 2 yoga studios.  You also might be able to find some classes at the Casino Spas, but to find a pure yoga practice was tough to do.   Today, there are great studios in the Northwest, Southwest, East, North and Henderson.  Wow! Watch out California, Las Vegas Yoga has  emerged as a city of Yogis.