Power of the Word-Love

Power of the Word-Love

kietaeagleLove Is Yoga-Yoga School Las Vegas

Join accredited Yoga Instructor Kieta in a 200-hour teacher training course at EOS The Yoga Mind Body Studio, North Las Vegas.  The teacher training will be starting in April 2019 for a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.  Saturday and Sundays. 7am-10am.

Listen to your Yoga Teacher within and don’t wait.

email: loveisyoga@gmail.com

text: 702-296-6868

Kieta- Practicing and Teaching since 1988.

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance


Everyday I wake up and I start out thanking my Higher Power.

Rising Lotus Yoga-Sherman Oaks

Need a yoga studio in Los Angeles I highly recommend  Rising Lotus Yoga Studio.    Claire Hartley is very spiritual and she is not overwhelming with Sanskrit but is solid in her foundation and uses Sanskrit purposefully. I found Claire’s practice  heartfelt.  She is caring and kind.  Make room for this big hearted practice.

Here is a little Bio about Claire.


Co-Owner and founder of Rising Lotus. British born Yoga teacher, Claire Hartley, found her passion for the practice of Yoga in the early 90’s at the Jivamukti Yoga Center. Their signature style of vigorous flow, chanting, meditation and exploration of the ancient scriptures began to reveal that suffering could be relieved and that the divine was experiential and not just a concept to be studied and discussed, for that she is eternally grateful and humbled by all the teachers she has studied with.

Her first training program was in LA under the tutelage of Peri Doslu. Peri introduced her to Iyengar Yoga which has become an important part of her practice and her teaching. Claire also trained with Lisa Walford and Annie Carpenter at Yogaworks and completed a six month apprenticeship with Lisa.

Voted Best Las Vegas Yoga Teacher Training-200 Hour Yoga Alliance


Yoga is love.  Love is yoga.  Learn foundational techniques for your own healing practice-sadhana.
Obtain asana disciplines, explore the sacred texts, enliven pranic flow, understand
anatomy, walk in liberation, freedom and peace.

Love Is Yoga Teacher Training allows you to live your life as it is now without any interruption.  Yoga works into your life easily.

Whether you want to enhance your current practice, take your yoga practice to a different level, or if you are new to yoga, Love Is Yoga, will reveal your teacher within.  Let Go. Start now.  Follow your Dharma, unveil your Dharma, and live your dream.  It is all here for you, ready, and waiting.  Take hold of your true self and shine in your self realization.

Shakti energy swirls around us all.  Harness this energy with Love Is Yoga practice.



Love Is Yoga Las Vegas 200 Hour Teacher Training Las Vegas Starts March 2014

Mind Body Studio -Gold's North Las Vegas

Mind Body Studio -Gold’s North Las Vegas

Looking for the ease of a yoga teacher training that works with your life.. ?  Join us on Saturdays at the Mind Body Studio on Losee rd North Las Vegas inside Gold’s Gym. Call 702-296-6868

$2,999.00 P

Pre Paid Discounts & Monthly Payments and Easy payment plans.

How Many Cookies Can You Eat In One Sitting?

Gluten Free Cookes

How Many Cookies Can You Eat?

I wanted to be part of the human race and start blogging like everyone else.  My problem however, stemmed from me not wanting to really share my personal life.  That seemed way to invasive.  I still don’t understand how people can just tweet their minute to minute daily activities.  Further, I can’t understand, that people actually read it.  But, needless to say, it is the way of our new cyber life and I have now jumped in with both feet.

My dilemma still remained? What do I write about?  Well, after my last blog, To Carb or Not To Carb, I felt naturally inclined to speak about my eating habits.   I thought this of the utmost importance as I feel that most people have issues with eating, including myself.

I was a fashion model all my life.  I acted as well as a video model during the early 90’s.   That’s pretty much the lifestyle that I knew.  As a model, you don’t eat.  If you do eat, you end up throwing it up. Yuk! But, that’s what you did.   Most models are not naturally super skinny.  Typically, skinniness is induced by drug use or bulimia.  Not very healthy but the end result is effective. It was funny, I just saw one of my Fav’s-Michelle Pfeiffer on Pierce Morgan, who is not my Fav, talking about not eating for her role in Scarface.  Then she went on to say that as a young starlet actress she lived on Coca-Cola and cigarettes, but she was skinny! Skinny shminny! Is it really worth it?

Of course, I developed an eating disorder for years.  It was very difficult to kick bulimia.  Bulimia was only one of the symptoms of my real “dis-ease”, which was that I was an ego maniac with an inferiority complex.  Without any self esteem, naturally what I looked liked defined me.  Of course, Hollywood and those fashion magazines supported these ideologies.

Redefining myself had to happen for survival.  I certainly would kill myself if I didn’t.  I don’t mean that I wanted to commit suicide, I just mean that my lifestyle and how I treated myself would certainly kill me.

To Be Continued. …