Rising Lotus Yoga-Sherman Oaks

Need a yoga studio in Los Angeles I highly recommend  Rising Lotus Yoga Studio.    Claire Hartley is very spiritual and she is not overwhelming with Sanskrit but is solid in her foundation and uses Sanskrit purposefully. I found Claire’s practice  heartfelt.  She is caring and kind.  Make room for this big hearted practice.

Here is a little Bio about Claire.


Co-Owner and founder of Rising Lotus. British born Yoga teacher, Claire Hartley, found her passion for the practice of Yoga in the early 90’s at the Jivamukti Yoga Center. Their signature style of vigorous flow, chanting, meditation and exploration of the ancient scriptures began to reveal that suffering could be relieved and that the divine was experiential and not just a concept to be studied and discussed, for that she is eternally grateful and humbled by all the teachers she has studied with.

Her first training program was in LA under the tutelage of Peri Doslu. Peri introduced her to Iyengar Yoga which has become an important part of her practice and her teaching. Claire also trained with Lisa Walford and Annie Carpenter at Yogaworks and completed a six month apprenticeship with Lisa.

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